James Dorson

JamesJames Dorson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Literature at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, where he received his doctoral degree in 2011. He has held various grants and positions at Freie Universität Berlin, among them a Dahlem Research School Honors Fellowship and a research grant funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG eigene Stelle). Since 2014 he has headed the Dahlem International Network Junior Research Group “Fictions of Management: American Naturalism and Managerial Culture, 1875-1925.” His current book project deals with the relationship between naturalism and management thought at the turn of the twentieth century. He is the author of Counternarrative Possibilities: Virgin Land, Homeland, and Cormac McCarthy’s Westerns (Campus, 2016). Other publications include articles on 9/11 and American Studies, Edith Wharton, American literary naturalism, critical posthumanism, and David Foster Wallace.