Florian Gabriel

JFK_klein-12Florian Gabriel is one of the two research fellows currently working in the Dahlem International Network Junior Research Group “American Naturalism and Managerial Culture, 1875-1925.” He received his Master’s degree in 2014 with a thesis on “Barbary Captivity, Abolitionism and the Public Sphere in the Early Republic” from the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies. During his studies he did research for a project led by Prof. Dr. Holtfrerich, which aimed to reconstruct the history of the Reichswirtschaftsministerium (the predecessor of the German Federal Ministry of Economics), and worked as a teaching assistant for the History Department of the Kennedy Institute. Florian joined the Dahlem International Network Junior Research Group in November 2014 and is currently examining the textual strategies African American writers employed during the early 20th century to counter the pseudo-scientific racial theories promoted by classical American Naturalism.